We receive many inquires about storage temperatures for tomatoes. Like everything, there are rules; and exceptions to rules. Tomatoes are not different.

In order to keep the sugar in our tomatoes from turning to starch, causing a mealy taste, never go below 53 degrees F. This time of year you will probably want to apply a little variation on that, depending upon the outside temperature and most importantly, the humidity. Higher temperatures will not hurt the quality like cold does.

The correct temperature to store is whatever it takes to NOT to create condensation on the fruit. If you are storing them too cold and then, bring them out into a warmer room, you create a wonderful site for pathogens to grow.

As a general rule, you will have the most life and best taste if you leave your tomatoes where they can stay dry and out of direct sunlight. There really is not a better place than the kitchen counter. They can add a bit of color; and bring the scent of the garden to your kitchen.