Beefsteak Tomatoes

Our vine-ripened Beefsteak Tomatoes have excellent shape, flavor and texture. Picked with the stem still attached for maximum freshness, these delicious and highly nutritious tomatoes are available in various sizes

Tomatoes provide 40% of a daily adult requirement of vitamin C and provide a source of Lycopene, which is an anti-oxidant that protects cells and fights cancer.

Tomatoes on the Vine

Greenhouse cluster tomatoes are vine-ripened and shipped with the vine still attached .Our tomatoes are consistent in size, superior quality and has that fresh tomato smell, incredibly juicy and favorable. Our greenhouse grown variety is available in Red, yellow and Orange.

Cocktail Sized Tomatoes on the Vine

Harvested with the vine still attached for maximum freshness and a longer shelf life. Small to medium in size, bright red, round and firm. An attractive feat tasting fruit extra sweet flavor. Packed in clam shells.

We have a two varieties to offer Mini-Romas / Flavorinos and Cherry tomatoes.


Produce Care Guide

It makes a big difference in flavor and in shelf-life if you properly choose and care for your produce. Below are some recommendations to ensure your produce remains delicious until served.

  • Select tomatoes that have a deep, rich color which means that the tomato is completely ripe and has an excellent supply of nutrients.
  • The skin should be smooth, firm, and without blemishes.
  • The flesh should yield just slightly to gentle pressure.

Do not store your tomatoes in the refrigerator. As a general rule, you will have the greatest shelf-life and best taste if you leave your tomatoes where they can stay dry and out of direct sunlight. There really is no better place than the kitchen counter. They can add a splash of color and bring the scent of the garden to your kitchen!

In order to keep the sugar in tomatoes from turning to starch, causing a mealy taste, never go below 53 degrees F. The correct temperature to store is whatever it takes NOT to create condensation on the fruit. If you are storing them at a cold temperature and then bringing them out into a warmer room, you create a wonderful site for pathogens to grow.