Huron Produce is fully committed to a Green Future…

  • BIOMASS HEATING SYSTEM to significantly reduce the need for fossil fuels
  • 12 MW biomass fully automated heating system.
  • 600 trailer loads of demolition wood that is destined for landfills is now being used to heat our greenhouses.
  • To reduce our environmental footprint even further, our systems continuously and strategically store any excess energy that is redirected for the night time energy needs.
  • Growing medium is ground coconut – at the end of it`s cycle, this is re used FOR potting soil for outdoor flowers.
  • All excess irrigation water along with all the nutrients that each plant does not use is recycled, it is sanitized and distributed back to the plants.
  • All crops are biologically grown, good bugs eat bad bugs. This is monitored daily.
  • For our packaging . Kraft board is used in for cartons, it is less harmful to the environment.
  • Our facilities take a proactive approach to food safety, Traceability, crop monitoring, greenhouse and warehousing certification.